test rubric and scores to see what dorm your in

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test rubric and scores to see what dorm your in

Post by Poppit17 on Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:48 pm

when u test people u test the 3 times with there charaters deck oh ya u have to have your charectors deck like Jaden Yuki i have his deck so im fine.

win a duel +20
lose a duel -10
saw a mistake +5
missed a mistake -3
mad a mistake -5

if there good with the deck then give them a rating on how good they are of a 1-10 scale
then add all of it together and times it by 2.
dorms to get into

slifer red=0-100

wing dragon of Ra yellow=100-150

obelisk blue=151-200

Blue-eyes white=201+

thats the dorms u can be in when u get tested

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